More Pandering to minorities. Enough Already!

I am so sick of people pandering to minorities.  Hispanics are really starting to piss me off Read this article and you’ll see why they have my suit ruffled.  Apparently one person one vote is not enough for hispanics.  Noooooo, they need one person six votes!!!!!  And to add salt to an open wound Illegals can vote to because it’s not fair that they live there but don’t get to vote.  Awe my heart is falling out for the little criminals.

Listen up all you hispanics who claim they don’t speak English (we all know you speak it just fine but choose not to when it suits you best).  In this country we have a constitution.  In Spanish that is constitución.  You need to read it and understand it.  So go learn English read, our governing document, and get a clue.  This is not Mexico or wherever the hell your from so stop trying to make it that way.  You people left your country because it obviously didn’t work.  So why make our’s like the despotic hole you left?  I’m not understanding your logic!

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Start Rolling Your Eyes…Now!

Sting.  A good singer, a good songwriter, but a horrible political thinker (if that’s what you want to call it).  In a recent article I found on Breitbart Sting apparently thinks that Obama is “Sent fron God because the world’s a mess.”

Firstly Sting Shut up!  Secondly, that’s funny from a man who doesn’t believe in God.

It’s funny because in an interview with Simon Pitts of the BBC on Setenber 27, 2003 Sting Said “So I think when religion is used for political ends – and very narrow political ends – then there’s something seriously wrong.”

So I guess Sting what your saying is that when anyone else uses religion it’s bad but when a radical liberal and his croonies want to take over the US political system and completely change our political and economic structure it’s okay to speak in religious terms.  Why would that be?  Oh Yes, because it suits your ends.  Of coure you would see no problem with your hypocracy because it’s YOU and your so enlightened.

Sting goes on to say of Obama after spending time with him “[I] found him to be very genuine, very present, clearly super-smart, and exactly what we need in the world.”

Okay Several things jump out at me about being ridiculous in this comment.

One, Sting please define very present.  I’m present here right now does that qualify me for the presidency?

Secondly, Why was he meeting with YOU?  I think our Generals and other American political figures that our relative to what is going on here should take priority.  This just speaks volumes about Obama’s rock star mentality.

Thirdly,  Super smart!?  Are you kidding me?  All of his plans are failing miserably.  The economy is tanking, our dollar is worth nothing, and Obama’s plan is to PRINT MORE and bail even more companies out, but he’s super smart.  Please Sting when you make broad comments like that, please back them up.

Fourthly, I don’t care what you think we need in the world He’s America’s president (that’s debateable) not the world’s!

Sting then went on to say that the backlash against Obama was frightening.  He also said that “They don’t want change, they want things to feel the same because they feel safe there.”

Yes Sting yes we did feel safe there.  If there you’re refering to a free market economy with people controlling their lives rather than some beurocracy then yes Sting we felt very comforted indeed.  However when the chsnge proposed by Obama is one in which we are socialist and incentive for hard work is taken, change that places government at the helm of your life anda ll it’s undertakings no keep the change!  Why fix it if it’s not broken?!!!

Sting closed his comments with the following statement:

“we seem to be living in a currency of medieval ideas.”

“My hope is that we can start talking about real issues and not caring about whether God cares about your hemline or your color,” he said. “We are here to evolve as one family, and we can’t be separate anymore.”

Medieval ideas huh?  Like…?  I love it when celebrities make vague comments and then don’t back them up.  Things like that don’t make you look enlightened Sting.  They make you look an ass!

The last sententence really sums it up though.  He wants religion gone and the world to live as one.

You are right though Sting The world is a family and we do need to learn to exist together.  America does send out many millions of dollars all the time to countries in need.  We are trying to live together.  However families are meant to grow up and live on their own.

After all Sting you don’t still live with your parents do you?  Your brothers and Sisters, Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins don’t occupy rooms in your house do they?  NO!  We are meant to be seperate autonomous people, living as we see fit.  We have the individual right to pursue life, liberty and happinesswithout government telling us what that happiness is!

Oh yeah and Sting, whether you like it or not our creator gave us that right and all the others that America offers.  That means God.

Ben Franklin


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A Constitutional Lawyer Who Doesn’t KNow The Constitution

Here is a great article that raises some very interesting points.  This is about Obama and his position as chairman of the U.N. Securities council.  The man is obviously ignoring our country and it’s rules.  It disgusts me!


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Swine Flu Shmine Flu

Here people watch and learn.  Nothing saves better than knowledge.




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PLease just stop already!

Here go the Dems again flicking their forked tongues again.  This time it’s Kerry.  As usual listening to these people you would think that George Bush is still in office.  Look people news flash it’s been 10 months get over it.

We never heard Reagan complain about the mess Carter left him did we?  No we did not!  Reagan (R.I.P) did what any real leader would do…He got right in and cleaned house.  WHy can we not see this with Obama?  Why does he have to complain and bash Bush at every opportunity?

We are well aware Kerry that Bush left a mess.  That’s a no brainer.  However we have seen no action on the part of your president to fix ANYTHING.  You do not fix problems by throwing endless sums of money at it.  All this time he is taking to decide what to do with the war is killing our men and quite frankly it’s pissing me off!  It is obvious that Obama has never been in a fight, wether at school or in the military.  When you are confronted with the enemy the only option is to hot hard, fast and often.  All this time serves only one purpose…it allows the enemy to regroup and plan.

If we as a country fall in this war it will  not be because of Bush, it will be because Obama is an incompetant leader who doesn’t know how to fix anything.  Or maybe this is all going according to plan?

It wouldn’t surprize me.

What he needs to do is actually stop playing golf and talk to those that need is ear like Gen. McChrystal but hey who am I to say.  It does sound like a novel idea though actually discussing things with people.  Hmmm…I’ll have to give it more thought.

And Kerry has a lot of nerve calling out Dick Cheney on his role as vice president.  What has Biden done that makes him stand out?


Ben Franklin

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All Backed Up

I have two questions.

1. Why is it every picture I see of Khadafi (Pic 1 and Pic 2) he looks as though he is in serious need of an ex-lax?

2.Why is it when he finally gets relief of the bowels, it is always through his mouth?

For the perfect example of verbal diarreah please see this article.  Oh yea and the picture that accompanies the article is the perfect third picture of emergency impaction relief.

It seems that Kadafi thinks that “Hey Israel has nuke so The rest of the middle east should as well.”

Well Moammar Israel is not the one going around saying it is going to wipe it’s neighbors off the map.  This reeks badly of the criminal who says that every law abiding citizen has a gun so I should be able to have one too.  No!  It doesn’t work that way.

Iran for instance has told the world at every opportunity that It’s nuke program is purely forenergy and peaceful purposes.  Yet they will not let inspectors in and every thing they do states otherwise.  Like buying enriched uranium from Russia and others.

Please kadafi stop talking, you are really embarresing yourself and those you think like you.

After all it is obvious you are not smart enough to know how long 15 minutes is (see his ridiculously over drawn speech at the UN) so this is obviously way over your head as well.

Together let’s Conquer All Things,

Ben Franklin

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Some People Just Don’t Get It

Here is a link to an article that is screaming for a “WTF” commentary.  It seems the Kremlin still has the notion that Democracy is bad and that Capitalism just doesn’t work.  PLease people wake up and smell the pirozhki!

What I do not understand is how Vladislav Surkov can say in one breath “Even now when power is rather consolidated and ordered, many projects are very slow and difficult,” but then says that if they add any unstability it would all fall.

To me that might not be a bad idea.  After all he did say that if it keeps going the way it is Russia will no longer be able to be a “resource power”.  If the current system sucks why do they want to keep it?

I think it’s because they are power mad dictators.  They would rather retain a failing system under their rule thean have a prosperous one under the rule of the people.   It seems very selfish and backwards to me.

Call me an old fashioned American (really please do, I would be flattered) but if America has taught me one thing it is that if you work hard you can get the things you need and sometimes even the things you want!  Imagine that INCENTIVE!!!  Good old capitalism has built this country into the greatest nation on earth.

However we are failing in a lot of respects.  However it wasn’t until government began to take over some things, and by the corruption of our politicians did it begin to falter.

If the Kremlin wants my advice (which they should because it’s pretty damn good advice)  Leave your people alone.  Let them fend for themselves and you could be a great nation again.  But go on keep your people shackled it’s less competition for us.


Ben Franklin

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Mr. Carter…Please Shut Up!

Read this verbal refuse

It looks like The Reverend Jesse Jackson has switched bodies!  He is now going by the name of Jimmy Carter.  Or perhaps Jackson has undergone so much surgery (ala Michael Jackson) He is now a white boy who closely resembles Jimmy Carter.  Either way Carter doesn’t have a clue.

I am so fed up with everyone crying racist anytime Obama is critisized.  NEWS FLAS:  IT”S NOT BECAUSE HE IS BLACK, IT IS BECAUSE HE IS A LIAR!!

When are the Libs going to get it.  Even Black men are capable of lying.

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I can hear all the snickering now.  Why has Ben named his article wheeee??  I hear them say in hushed tones.  “The old boy must have finally lost it!”

No I haven’t gone off the deep end.  That’s just my exclamation of Joy at the ride of democratic spin about Sotomayor.  In an article found on Yahoo News today we see the White attempting some damage control.  read the article found here

What’s appaling here is that there is all this talk of “She didn’t mean it” yet no where has Sotomayor herself come out to recing her statement or offer explanation.  Obama and Gibbs are falling over themselves trying not to screw up yet another project.

Sotomayor said exactly what she meant and she will not change her stance on her comment and if she does we know it is all a pile of dung!  She made the comment in 2001 if she really felt bad for it she would have corrected herself in 2001.  But alas 8 years ago she probably never thought she would be nominated for the Supreme Court.  So in true Democrat fashion she will be sorry only if it is discovered and makes her look bad.

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Do Not…Or Else!

Sotomayor has become a bit more heated than the White House thought.   Read this article and then let’s discuss.

After reading this article, if you have had any doubts about the intents of this administration they should now be crystal clear.  My stomach turns at the audacity of Gibbs at issuing a warning to Sotomayor’s critics about what they say.

A WARNING ABOUT WHAT THEY SAY?  Are you kidding me?  Who do these people think they are?  That, becomes crystal clear.  I think Mr. Gibbs has never heard of the Constitution and a little thing called the First Amendment.  That’s the one that guarantees us free speech (amongst a few others).  How dare he tell us to watch what we say about this woman.  This alone should cause an uproar of massive proportions!

This statement by Gibbs while ultimately affecting everyone who has criticism about this administration applies mostly at this point in time to a comment made by Newt Gingrich.  Gingrich said ““A white man racist nominee would be forced to withdraw. A Latina woman racist should also withdraw.”

We must DEMAND her withdrawl.
This whole thing reeks of Soviet era strong arming. I don’t like it, not one bit.  We are supposed to be able to critisize and exchange ideas freely.  When we have the opportunity to do that we are able to reach better solutions.  This administration is not after better ideas and solutions.  Obama wants HIS ideas and solutions.
The article also brings up the attacks some have had against Sotomayor’s intelligence.  Quite frankly I think that’s a valid point.  We have yet to see her intelligence.  Sure she has knowledge.  But intelligence I haven’t seen.  Intelligence is not information, it is the application of information.  If we look at her ruling in the case of Ricci V. Destefano she is not intelligent but a radical racist who needs to step down of her own accord and have a little respect for the post that she is nominated for.
But that will not happen.  It would have, in America, but now we live in the United Soviet States of America.
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